phyinformR: phylogenetic experimental design and data exploration in R

Investigate your data

We introduce PhyInformR, an open source software package that facilitates rapid calculation of phylogenetic informativeness and several novel related assessments of the phylogenetic utility of any given dataset or dataset partition. By facilitating computation on user hardware, PhyInformR increases the potential power users can apply toward screening datasets for phylogenetic information content by orders of magnitude. PhyInformR also features expanded functionality compared to current resources, providing new tools for data visualization and routines optimized for rapid statistical calculations using parallel processing.

PhyInformR can be downloaded here or directly from CRAN and requires R

A manual is available here

A web based walthrough of PhyInformR is available in three parts:

Part1: Installation, dependencies, and phylogenetic informativeness profiles

Part2: Quartet resolution probabilities and advanced quantification

Part3: Visualizations