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TOAST: Transcriptome Ortholog Alignment Tools

Harness Sequence Data

We introduce TOAST, open source software designed to help you use BUSCO to effectively harness public data, visualize missing data patterns, and assemble multiple sequence alignments.

TOAST can be downloaded here and requires R.

Note that BUSCO is limited to UNIX systems (Mac and Linux), so you can only use the download and sequence extraction functions relying on BUSCO in Unix (Mac and Linux) systems. Missing data visualizations will work on all platforms.

You can use TOAST to visualize missing data patterns or assemble alignments on any platform.

A manual is available here

A web based walkthrough of TOAST is available in three parts:

Part1: Installation, dependencies, notes on LINUX and BUSCO installation

Part2: Harvesting orthologs

Part3: Visualization of missing data patterns and alignment assembly

Dialogue & Discussion