Duke Marine Laboratory

Collection Growth

Acquiring the Duke Marine Collection

We were just donated the complete specimen collection from the Duke Marine Laboratory!

It was a whirlwind of a trip, but we just returned from Duke Marine Laboratory after packing and transporting their entire marine specimen collection back to the Museum of Natural Sciences. This is a fantastic addition to our existing marine collection and full of really valuable specimens. However, before these specimens are made available to other researchers, we still have quite a bit of wok to do! Maintaining and caring for any large natural history collection is not an easy or rapid process and in the coming weeks we will be stabilizing, verifying locality information, and databasing all biological material.
This collection, which does not include just fishes, but a large and very diverse marine invertebrate collection, is one of several major recent acquisitions for our unit. Although logistically daunting, it is exciting to see our collection grow so rapidly. Both Charleston’s and Duke’s collections have very important historical specimens and data that provide a invaluable snapshot back into the last several hundred years of life in our local aquatic communities. We are happy to be able to preserve this unique history and thank our friends both at the museum and at the DUML for a fantastic trip!

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