Dornburg Publications


2019. Daane, J.M., Dornburg, A., Smits, P., MacGuigan, D.J., Hawkins, M.B., Near, T.J., Detrich, H.W., Harris, M.P. Historical contingency shapes adaptive radiation in Antarctic fishes. Nature Ecology and Evolution pdf

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2019. Phillips, A.J., Dornburg, A., Zapfe, K., James, S.W., Erseus, C., Anderson, F., Lemmon, A., Lemmon, E.M., Holland, S., Williams, B.W. Phylogenomic analysis of a putative missing link sparks reinterpretation of leech evolution. Submitted to Genome Biology and Evolution (accepted)

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2019. Dornburg,A. Lamb, A.D., Warren, D. Watkins-Colwell, G., Lewbart, G.,Flowers, J. Are geckos paratenic hosts for Caribbean Island Acanthocephalans? Evidence from Gonatodes antillensis and a review of squamate reptiles acting as transport hosts. Peabody Bulletin of Natural History 60:55-79 pdf


2018. Near, T.J., MacGuigan, D., Parker, C.E., Jones, C., Struthers, C., Dornburg, A. Phylogenetic analysis of Antarctic notothenioids illuminates the utility of RADseq for resolving Cenozoic adaptive radiations. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 129: 268—279 pdf

2018. Dornburg, A., Zhou, S., Townsend, J.P. Optimal rates for phylogenetic inference and experimental design in the era of genome-scale datasets. Systematic Biology 68:145–156 pdf

2018. Iglesias, T.L.†, Dornburg, A.†, Warren, D.L., Wainwright, P.C., Schmitz, L. Economo, E.P. Eyes-Wide Shut: the impact of dim-light vision on neural investment in marine teleosts. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 31: 1082—1092(†co-first authors) pdf

A photo I took of a Sparisoma aurofrenatum (redband parrotfish) settling in for the night made the cover of JEB!

2018. Dornburg, A., Warren, D., Zapfe, K. Morris, R., Lamb, A., Hogue, G. Lukas, L. Wang, R. Testing ontogenetic patterns of sexual size dimorphism against expectations of the expensive tissue hypothesis, an intra-specic example using Oyster Toadfish (Opsanus tau). Ecology and Evolution 8 (7):3609—3616 pdf.

Katerina Zapfe’s drawing of an Opsanus Tau (Oyster Toadfish) was chosen for the cover of the issue!


2017. Dornburg, A., Townsend, J.P., Wang, Z. Maximizing power in phylogenetics and phylogenomics: a perspective illuminated by fungal big data. In J.P Townsend & Z. Wang (Eds.). Fungal phyologenetics and phylogenomics (pp. 1—47). Advances in Genetics volume 100. Cambridge, MA: Academic Press pdf

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2017. Chakrabarty, P, Faircloth, B.C., Ludt, W.B, McMahan, C.D., Near, T.J, Dornburg, A., Albert, J.S., Arroyave, J., Stiassny, M.J., Sorenson, L., Alfaro, M.E. Phylogenomic Systematics of Ostariophysan fishes: Ultraconserved Elements Support the Surprising Non-monophyly of Characiformes. Systematic Biology DOI:10.1093/sysbio/syx038 pdf

2017. Dornburg, A., Townsend, J.P., Spriggs, E., Eytan, R.I., Moore, J.A., Wainwright, P.C.,Lemmon, A.R., Moriarty Lemmon, E., Near, T.J. Phylogenetic informativeness facilitates resolution of the sister lineage to percomorpha with an anchored hybrid enrichment dataset. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 110: 27-38 pdf


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2016. Dornburg, A., Forrestel, E., Moore, J.A., Iglesias, T.L., Jones, A., Rao, L., Warren, D.L. An assessment of sampling biases across studies of diel activity patterns in marine ray-finned fishes (Actinopterygii). Online early. Bulletin of Marine Science. pdf

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2016. Federman, S., Dornburg, A., Daly, D.C., Downie, A., Yoder, A.D., Sargis, E.J., Perry, G. H., Donoghue, M.J., Richard, A. F., Baden, A. L. Implications of lemuriform extinctions for the Malagasy flora. Proceedings of Natural Academy of Sciences 113: 5041-5046. pdf

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2014. Moore, J. and Dornburg, A. Ingestion of fossil seashells, stones, and small mammal bones by gravid gopher tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus) in South Florida. Peabody Bulletin of Natural History 55: 55–63. pdf


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