Convict tangs, Oahu

Intern with us

Internship overview

Internships in our unit are part of N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences Internship program and designed to bridge the gap between college classroom experiences and professional work settings for a variety of careers in the biological sciences. We view interships as a way to provide training in new skills while facilitating the growth of collaborative networks and experience working with our research team and collaborators from around the world.

Internship Requirements

Internship requirements are standardized across the museum and state that candidates seeking college credit must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program and classified as at least a Sophomore with a gpa of at least 3.0, or be enrolled in a graduate program. A Credit internship requires 135 hours for 3 credits and approval from an academic advisor or class professor. Non-credit/experience internships require 120 hours and do not need a signature.


  • July 1: Fall Semester (16 weeks)
  • November 1: Spring Semester (16 weeks)
  • March 1: Summer semester (12 weeks)

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